Childcare & Tuition

We at Grade Up pride ourselves on providing an invaluable service to parents/carers.

We offer afterschool childcare & tuition at the highest possible level – the safety, physical and emotional wellbeing and happiness of any and all children in our care is our main priority. We take great care and passion in ensuring every child is cared for and nurtured and all their specific needs are met.

We believe in providing children with various opportunities for enrichment, whether that be physically, mentally or emotionally. Our ethos and philosophy is rooted in the belief that positive and enriching childhood experiences can lay the foundation for a good and stable adult life. Therefore, we strive to ensure that Grade Up is a fun yet educational and nurturing place for children to express themselves and feel at home whilst still providing them with a great foundation and base to build upon.

  • Social & Fun

    Engage your child in a vibrant community where learning meets laughter, fostering friendships and memorable experiences.

  • Safe Enviroment

    Prioritising your child's safety, we maintain a secure environment equipped with modern safety measures and vigilant supervision.

  • Caring Staff

    Our dedicated team provides nurturing support, ensuring every child feels valued, heard, and understood.

  • Qualified Teachers

    Empower your child's academic journey with expert guidance from our team of certified tutors, fostering a love for learning and academic success.


What Parents Say:

What We Do

Arts & Crafts

Whilst we offer arts and crafts, baking and other fun, creative activities, we also offer academic support for all children.

We firmly believe that every child should be given the support and opportunities to live up to and reach their full potential, academically, creatively, physically – in every way imaginable.

Arabic Language & Urdu Language Classes

We also offer Urdu and Arabic language classes.

We encourage parents to enrol their children into the Urdu and Arabic language classes as firstly they are immensely popular languages spoken throughout South Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa, but also because research suggests that learning and speaking a second language from an early age is very beneficial for the child’s cognitive development, furthermore it provides them with a potential extra GCSE or similar certificate.

Science Experiments With Lots Of Fun

As part of our educational support at Grade Up – we offer fun primary science experiment classes.

Where possible we aim to link these experiments with the KS2 curriculum, but we also aim to spark an interest in science in the hearts and minds of children and nurture their natural excitement and curiosity for the subject.

Academic Support

Maths, English, Science

Our academic support is delivered by fully qualified and experienced teachers who have all been DBS checked and approved.

We have multiple teachers for different subjects, so the children are given tailored and helpful, one to one support, which fits their academic needs and learning styles.

At Grade Up We:

We have qualified and experienced, specialist teachers, who teach one subject of their specialism. We offer tuitions in maths, English and science. We cater for primary KS1, KS2, preparation for SATS and Pre Entrance Exams, supporting secondary school students for GCSEs  and home educators:
  •  Offer 60 minute tuition lessons per subject.
  • Create a personalised learning plan based on diagnostic testing.
  • Develop weaknesses into strengths, through our diagnostic testing.
  • Carry out regular assessments and track progress.
  • Provide every child with homework
  • Support students with school homework and school work.
  • Use computer programs to aid learning.
  • Offer one to one support.
  • Promote learning and develop confidence.
  • Are experienced and specialist in our subjects and one person does not teach all subjects.
  • Are up to date with the current syllabus and exams specifications with the various exam boards.
  • Are competitive in our price and we have tutors with 10 years of teaching experience.
  • Encourage and promote learning both in and outside of the tuition centre.
  • Liaise with and advise parents regarding how they can support their child.
  • Do not tie parents in a contract for tuitions;
  • Care, take the time to listen, meet parents and give weekly feedback.

School Pickups & Drop-offs

We offer pick up and drop off services for children from school or home by our fully vetted and qualified, as well as DBS checked drivers – the safety of children is paramount at Grade Up.

 This service is provided for children living in Bradford.


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We look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions, concerns, or inquiries; our team is here to assist you!

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